Days of the past faded fast, we didn’t come to noticed each day that passed. Sometimes we take it for granted, we just say to ourselves, “oh just another day, Christmas, come fast”. And ta-dah here we go, Christmas is coming again, no one wants to miss it. We hang our old socks to have a penny or a lil gift after the Christmas eve. We prepare foods, and we laugh together with our family blah blah blah. So after that short introduction here’s my story. Every Christmas we celebrate a family reunion, they’re my relatives from my father side. The place is always in my grandma’s, that place is so precious to us.  I can say that my Christmas is happy but somewhat make me upset. Begin with the story, it was 25th of December when we decided to go to my grandma’s place in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija, two hours travel from our place Cuyapo. I feel great and excited ‘coz finally I will meet my favorite cousin Allen. My aunt prepare lots of food, and made me a cake, a belated birthday present for me, I really appreciate it, she’s really amazing. Because Allen and I miss each other so much, we share stories, like what’s new, how’s school goin’ blah blah blah we always have topics to talk to. Every Christmas that had passed in my life is wonderful, because I’m always happy, we celebrate it together with my family, and in that family I feel love and I feel special, that’s why I love them so much. The bonding is irreplaceable, because the feeling that I’ve felt is a true happiness. It’s somewhat disappointing because I brought my PSP with me, when I left it in the room my niece unintentionally did something that all the games deleted, it really upset me. But I have no hard feelings with my niece. I understand it, there’s a game in my PSP that I’m really addicted to and in that game I’ve accomplished many things, for the sake of that game I played it all day long, every night ‘til 1 or 2 am then boom it’s gone, just effin great. The fact that I will restart it again, make my head ache, hate it. why is like that, when there’s a happiness there’s also a disappointment, maybe they’re twins, and cursed to be together for life. On the 27th of December, that’s the day we went back to cuyapo, we left the place at dawn. When I reached my hometown, I changed my clothes and attend our class reunion, after two years we came to see each other again. Most of us changed physically, 98 percent got fatter, and it’s shocking, ‘coz one of my classmate got real big, like the challenger in the biggest loser, no offense meant but I’m really shocked, back in high school he’s a tall guy with a slim body, then there he is the opposite my description for him. It’s really funny to bond with them again, I had so much fun.





My biggest dream is to be a supermodel someday, having my catwalk while the eyes of the crowd is gazing at me, wearing the most elegant dress of the century, dazzling and stunning during my walk. (this photo took during our Personality Development Activity in the Devesse Lobby, in SLU Mary Heights Campus, Bakakeng, Baguio City)

My second dream is to have my own estate from my own expense, in there I’ll build a big house, real big , in that house I’ll gather my family members, and live there as one big happy family. ( I took this photo when I spent my Christmas vacation in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija, year 2010)

Third, is to have a pet, a tiger, I know it sounds strange but i really want it, then I will feed him on my own, and nurture him with the best way I can. ( I took this photo when we had our fieldtrip in Subic, in the year 2010)
4th is to travel with my crazy friends in places where we can relax, enjoy, and unwind. ( this photo took, when we visit to our friend’s place which is in La union last June 11, 2012)

lastly, to have a cute, and adorable baby like this when I fulfill all the dreams that I stated above 🙂
(actually he’s my cousin’s baby, I took it, when he’s 1 year old, his name is Raphael)

The Golden House

The Golden House

A house that looks like a palace (Located in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija)

I didn’t got the chance to get inside, I just took the photo outside because it’s a private property so it’s not a good shot but I want to share it 🙂 I think this picture was 2 and a half years ago, and the house was not fully furnished that time, maybe next time I will visit Pantabangan I will post a better photo of this house.


“When I was a little girl, I believe that someday I would be swept away by an enchanted prince to live happily ever after. As I grew older, that dream faded away and I stopped believing in Fairytales.”